Pizza Delivery Coverage

Did you ever think that a $20 pizza delivery could cost your pizza delivery insurance programsbusiness $100,000 or more?  If you don’t have the right liability coverage on your drivers, or even yourself, and they or you are involved in an at-fault accident while delivering your pizzas, your business is liable for the damages!


Your kitchen is a risky place—sharp knives, hot ovens, heavy containers of product.  Employees can easily be injured on the job.  Did you know that you are required to carry workers compensation insurance to protect your employees (and your business)?


You have made major investments in equipment, furnishings, and products for your restaurant.  Are these adequately insured in the event of a loss?  In addition, your business generates cash and that makes you a target for criminals.  Are you protected in the event of robbery, burglary and employee dishonesty?


As an independent business owner, you have plenty of challenges each day to successfully manage your restaurant.  Purchasing the right insurance program gives you peace of mind that these and other risk exposures are covered.  This, in turn, allows you to focus on the day-to-day operations of your restaurant.


Please look at our pizza restaurant web page, watch my video, and then give Kincaid Insurance a call today, so we can discuss your insurance options with you.