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People. People. People. It’s what health insurance is all about. Protecting people.
Kincaid Benefit Group just helped a company with 38 employees keep the same medical benefits – and save $93,000. We have had many other success stories just like this.

Save Money & Get More Control

Our unique answers save smaller employers significant amounts of money. Clients now have access to claims data that they never had before and full protection from large claims. In addition, unused claims dollars are simply refunded.
You will also have complete control of the plan design and know exactly what to expect each month.

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With the changes in health care, businesses could see staggering rate increases. Kincaid Benefit Group offers the lowest rates in the Tri-State. Talking with us is always free.
To request a free consultation, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you save money and get better coverage for your business.