Auto Insurance for Delivery Drivers

Whether you’re a delivery driver or a localAuto Insurance for Delivery Drivers fleet owner, it’s important to be sure that you have the appropriate commercial auto insurance for your vehicle(s). If you use your own vehicle for business purposes (other than commuting to work) or if you own a vehicle that is operated by a business, you should likely consider commercial auto insurance.

In this post, we’ll explore a few compelling reasons to do so.

Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance isn’t just for big trucks. It can also include cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, taxis, limos, dump trucks, refrigerator trucks, catering trucks, utility vans, box trucks, flatbeds, vehicles that have been rented or leased, and any vehicle that is owned or leased by a corporation, business, or partnership.

Depending on your business and the level of risk associated with the work, you may need higher liability insurance and additional coverage. This can help ensure that you, your employees, other individuals, the vehicle, and the business are protected in the event of an auto accident or other problems.

Legally, you are usually required to inform your insurance provider if you will be using your personal vehicle for a commercial function (such as delivering items). If you do not inform your provider, it could be considered insurance fraud, and if you’re in an accident while working, your provider may refuse to cover costs associated with the accident; you may also lose your policy.

What Can Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Businesses often have higher liability issues than individual drivers, because their coverage needs to cover employees, work gear, any passengers, equipment, and any other individuals who may be involved in the event of an auto accident. In order to have the appropriate coverage, commercial car insurance is typically necessary.

Commercial auto insurance includes the same major coverage private insurance covers in addition to several add-on coverages. This usually includes coverage for: employees, equipment, and business assets in the event of a lawsuit.

As a local fleet owner or delivery driver, you must meet the state’s minimum liability insurance requirements, which usually includes coverage for bodily and property damage. You may also want to consider comprehensive and collision coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance, personal injury protection and medical payments coverage, personal effects insurance, and emergency roadside insurance. Talk to a commercial auto insurance specialist to determine your specific needs.

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