3 Types of Businesses We Commonly Help in Indiana

Over the past twenty years in business, types of businesses indianawe’ve had the privilege to help many types of businesses succeed. We really enjoy getting to know and work with other local companies. From trucking to manufacturing to professional services, we’ve had the opportunity to serve many different sectors in Indiana.

In this post, we’ll share three types of businesses that are really in our “sweet spot.”

Trucking Companies & Independent Owner-Operators

Trucking companies of all sizes face a number of risks every day. From inclement weather and tire trouble to other drivers not paying attention, accidents can and do happen. Fleet owners and owner-operators need truck liability coverage to cover any damage that may be done by a truck.

It can cost quite a bit to keep semi trucks on the road. Trucking insurance should include physical damage coverage to protect vehicles as well as cargo coverage for any goods transported. Medical insurance, workers’ compensation, and bobtail insurance/non-trucking liability are other common types of trucking insurance that we write.

Professional Services

Providing professional services comes with risks of its own, such as keeping client information secure and the need to give accurate information or advice. We provide specialized coverage for a number of businesses in the Tri-State area of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Our independent insurance agents work with accounting firms, financial professionals, marketing professionals, technology companies, and more. We work with each business to accurately assess their insurance risks and find a policy that is well suited to the business model.

Manufacturing & Commercial Services

Indiana is home to many manufacturing businesses. Our team provides insurance for small machine shops and other companies in the manufacturing industry. The type of coverage needed varies depending on the type of manufacturing business.

We also work with a number of companies that provide commercial services. Construction businesses, tree trimmers, landscaping companies, exterminators, and other companies that operate in a variety of locations need insurance policies that protect them. After all, there are lots of potential problems and hazards when providing services at a home or business. What happens if an employee accidentally backs into someone’s parked motorcycle? What if a tree branch falls into the wrong spot? Having reliable coverage is key for these and many other types of businesses.

Find Indiana Business Insurance

Here at Kincaid, we’ve been providing insurance for Indiana businesses for more than two decades. Our experienced team of independent insurance agents can assess potential risks and shop around for the right type of coverage for your business.

Contact us today by stopping by our headquarters in Rockport, Indiana or by calling our office at 1-877-888-5506.

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