Commercial Passenger Insurance

It’s a simple, but often overlooked fact:commercial passenger coverage individuals who drive passengers commercially need more coverage than what can be provided by a personal auto policy.

Why? Simply stated, driving passengers for pay increases liability and risk for the driver. It’s therefore important to have proper coverage for the protection of the driver, passenger(s), vehicle, and business in the event of an accident.

In this post, we’ll help you understand your risks and learn what type of commercial passenger options are out there.

Why You Need More Coverage

If you’re driving passengers for any business capacity, whether that’s as a bus driver, taxi driver, Uber driver, or for your small business, you need a policy that offers greater risk protection. Ultimately, you are responsible for the people who you are transporting. If you were in an accident and your passengers were injured, you (and your business) could be held responsible for damages. You’ve worked hard to build your business, but in a few moments it could all be lost.

A commercial passenger policy provides higher liability limits as well as coverage that is unique to your needs as a driver-for-hire. An accident that occurs while driving customers could financially devastate you if you don’t have the correct insurance policy for your business. Having the right coverage could make all the difference.

Commercial Auto Coverage to Consider

Each type of commercial transport business is slightly different, so it’s important to talk to a qualified agent who can first understand your specific needs. During the discussion, the agent may help you consider a commercial policy that provides:

  • hired auto/employer’s non-ownership liability
  • on-hook towing liability
  • bobtail or non-trucking liability
  • garage keeper’s legal liability
  • other specific endorsements

In addition, a commercial auto policy can also cover uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments, property damage, personal injury protection, collision, and specified perils.

Find an Agent

Kincaid Insurance’s team of independent agents are here to help you find the commercial passenger coverage that fits your business and your budget. We’ll help you determine your coverage needs and compare policies to find the optimal coverage for your business. Hundreds of businesses in Evansville, Newburgh, Jasper, Mt. Vernon, and the surrounding Tri-State area have worked with our team to find policies that meet their needs.

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