What’s Needed for a Daycare Insurance Quote?

Are you looking for a commercial insurance quote for your daycare?

If so, there are certain pieces of information we’ll need to collect from you.

This may vary based on coverage type, but in general, most quotes will require you to gather the following:

General Information

  • Policy Effective Date

About Your Daycare

  • Daycare Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Ages
  • Number of Kids Licensed For
  • Hours of Operation
  • Do You Have Pets in the Home? If Yes, #, Type, etc
  • Property Coverage Needed?
  • Swimming Pool or Water Activities?
  • Do You Transport Children?
  • Licensed, Certified, or Registered?
  • How Many Years in Business?

Once you’ve gathered this information, please contact us for a risk-free quote for your daycare insurance needs.

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