Find an Independent Insurance Agent

Searching for an independent insurancefind independent ins agent agent doesn’t have to be a chore. Whether you’re simply shopping around or recently moved to a new area, an independent insurance agent can offer you great value.

Not sure where to begin? Get your search started with these tips for finding an agent who is right for you.

1. Ask Your Friends and Family

Asking for personal recommendations from trusted friends, family members, and colleagues is a great way to start your search. People who know you and your circumstances can offer valuable insight regarding agents to consider. You can also learn from the experiences others have had.

Word of mouth is still one of the strongest and best recommendations available. If people you trust are willing to make recommendations, you can rest assured that they trust the agents they are recommending.

2. Conduct an Online Search

Take your search to the internet to find reviews, websites, social media pages, and other information about the agents you are considering. A simple online search can help you learn more about the individuals you are considering working with. For example, if an independent insurance agent has consistently received positive online ratings, you can be reasonably certain that you will also have a good experience working with that agent.

3. Survey Your Friends

Put social media to work for you! Let your connections know that you are searching for an independent insurance agent and ask for recommendations. This is a great way to enhance your search and can even add a level of fun as you reconnect with old friends and acquaintances.

4. Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

Which independent insurance agents seem most engaged in your local community? Check out television, print, and radio ads to see who is advertising. Which agents are attending or participating in local events? How accessible are the independent insurance agents you are considering? Agents who are actively involved in the local community make it their business to stay connected to their clients.

Find an Independent Insurance Agent

If you’ve been looking for an independent insurance agent, you’ll find experienced and knowledgeable agents at Kincaid Insurance. Our independent agents will help you assess your policy needs before providing you with a no-obligation free quote.

Kincaid Insurance is headquartered in Rockport, Indiana. Our agents work with businesses and individuals in Evansville, Owensboro, Vincennes, Mt. Vernon, Louisville, and beyond. Contact our office by calling 1-877-888-5506.

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