Import Car Insurance

Imported cars are quite popular in the United States.

German indiana import car insurnaceare especially sought after for their sleek designs, safe ratings, and quality engineering. Italian sports cars are collector’s items for many car enthusiasts.

If you own an imported car and live in Indiana, our team at Kincaid Insurance is here to help you find the best coverage for your budget.

Higher Repair Costs

High quality imported luxury and high-performance vehicles also come with higher costs. The initial cost of the vehicle and importing it to the United States is typically higher than the cost of purchasing a similar domestic vehicle.

Some imported cars include special computer chips and other parts that require skillful auto technicians to complete the labor associated with repairing or replacing them.

Don’t Risk Your Import Car

You probably keep your import car in the garage to prevent bumps and scratches as well as general wear and tear. But a break in could result in theft or vandalism, and when your car leaves the garage for an uncontrolled environment, your risk increases.

Outside of the garage, your import car is subject to many risks such as:

  • Unexpected hail or thunderstorm damage
  • Dings and bumper damage from parking in a busy area
  • Auto accidents
  • Vandalism
  • …and many others

Does your current auto policy cover all of these scenarios? When was the last time your agent called to review your risks and evaluate alternative coverage options?

Protect Your Import Vehicle

Whether your vehicle was purchased for daily use or as a special addition to your car collection, it’s important to protect this asset. The costs associated with repairing or possibly replacing your vehicle in the event of an accident, fire, or other damage could be quite extensive.

Consider the value of your vehicle and purchase coverage accordingly. Basic liability insurance does not cover your vehicle if you cause an accident, meaning you will be left to cover the cost of any repairs to your car out of pocket. The cost of parts and labor could make this very expensive depending on your vehicle.

Collision and comprehensive auto insurance policies will provide your vehicle with the maximum coverage available. This includes damage caused by vandalism, hail, theft, and other damages outside of a collision.

Roadside Assistance Can Come in Handy

Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing roadside assistance and accessories coverage. Roadside assistance can be very helpful if you have a breakdown or another issue while on the road. Accessories coverage protects items you add to your car such as stereos, custom paint jobs, custom spoilers, and more.

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