Indiana Fleet Insurance

As a fleet manager, you face a numberIndiana Fleet Insurance of unique challenges.

Winning new business, maintaining compliance with Indiana and federal regulations, and all of your other duties keep you very busy.

In this post, we’ll explore a few challenges your fleet likely faces each day – and offer some tips for addressing them.

Managing Costs

Saving money and maintaining profits for your company can be difficult to manage, especially in the face of economic struggles and unstable fuel costs. Many companies have turned to high mileage vehicles to offset costs and manage risk. In addition, route optimization strategies can pay dividends for the cost-mindful fleet.

Managing People

The cost of recruiting and hiring quality drivers is high, and high turnover rates make it a challenge for fleet managers to operate the fleet efficiently.

High accident rates can cause your fleet insurance to skyrocket, which is why it is always important to emphasize safety and continuing education for drivers. Drivers face challenges from other vehicles, pedestrians, the elements, and other distractions each time they get behind the wheel.

Lowering Costs

The good news is that smart fleet managers are able to make the best of an ever-changing situation. For example, reducing your accident rate can have a direct impact on your insurance costs. Educating drivers on ways to drive more efficiently can help decrease fuel and maintenance costs for your fleet.

In addition, working with an independent insurance agency can remove one of the many items on your to do list. An independent insurance agency, such as Kincaid Insurance, can help a fleet run more smoothly. Here at Kincaid Insurance, we make it our business to understand yours so that we can offer you affordable Indiana fleet insurance rates. We treat your business like our own.

About Kincaid Insurance

Kincaid Insurance offers flexible, affordable plans for fleets of all sizes. We’ll compare your current insurance policy to multiple other options, allowing you to pick the best plan at the best price.

Coverage options include: on-hook & cargo, automobile & general liability, auto physical damage, garagekeepers legal liability, and excess liability in addition to other coverages and endorsements. We understand the trucking industry and have been providing coverage to fleet owners and truckers for many years.

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