There’s More to Insurance Claims than Just Getting a Check in the Mail

Spring has already brought several catastrophic weather events to Indiana.

As a result, many Hoosier homeowners have experienced significant property damage. Knowing how to deal with a leaky roof, damaged garage door, or an uprooted tree requires a close collaboration with your insurance agent—especially when claim adjusters are scrambling to keep up with so many claims.

Here are some claims-related considerations as you evaluate your insurance options.

Why Some Homeowners are Unsatisfied with their Claims Support

Navigating an insurance claim is stressful enough. But, this stress gets even worse when your insurance provider fails to take the necessary steps to guide you through the process. And, of course, getting directed to a 1-800 claim support hotline is less than ideal.

Overworked claim adjusters can take days to reach out. Sometimes adjusters simply forget to follow up and provide necessary information about the claim, which can lead to unwelcome surprises for the homeowner later on.

Kincaid Insurance Group Focuses on the Claim Experience

At Kincaid Insurance Group, we take great effort to partner with our clients and ensure a smooth claim experience. In 2022, we processed more than 500 claims and still maintained a 91% retention rate on our personal line accounts. We do to this by:

Providing the information our clients need: We educate our clients on the right steps to take to mitigate further loss, such as contacting a restoration company to safely tarp your roof until further action can be taken.

Following up with adjusters: We work with claim adjusters on your behalf to ensure progress is being made on the claim.

Being there when times are tough: Kincaid Insurance is just a phone call or text away, even in the middle of the night. We’re focused on supporting our clients, even outside of normal business hours.

Contact Us for a Better Claims Experience

Contact us to schedule a conversation with an experienced team member from Kincaid Insurance Group. We look forward to providing you an excellent claims experience

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