Evaluating Insurance Companies in Evansville, IN

Are you searching for insurance companies Insurance Companies Evansville INin the Evansville, Indiana area? Not sure which one is right for your coverage needs?

Here are a few tips to help you with your search.

Check Social Media

Social media can tell you a lot about a company or an individual agent. After all, it provides a forum for them to freely share information, photos, and more. You can check out business social media pages to see how the company or agent is involved in the community. A company that hasn’t adopted social media as a way to connect may not be the right fit for your business or personal insurance needs.

At Kincaid, we try to stay active in the greater Evansville community. We volunteer together, host trick or treating, attend local events, and generally just enjoy spending time with our co-workers, friends, and neighbors.

Understand What Coverage They Can Provide

Do some research about the agent or company you are considering working with. What kind of insurance are they able to provide? Some agents may focus on a particular type of insurance, such as automobile insurance. Others may not write policies for business, or they may work for a company that requires them to only offer coverage options from that company.

Kincaid Insurance is a little different from many other insurance companies. All of our agents are independent, which means that they can offer you coverage options from a variety of different companies. In other words, they can shop around on your behalf and present you with selections that fit your budget and coverage needs.

Get to Know Your Provider

Have you ever met someone that you just didn’t “click” with? You certainly don’t want that type of relationship with your insurance agent. Make arrangements to meet with an agent prior to determining whether or not you would like to work together. Bring a list of questions to ask.

Get to know them and make sure that it’s a good fit for your insurance needs. After all, if you own a small business, you need to know that your agent has the knowledge and expertise required to help you protect that business. Same goes for your home, classic car, jewelry, or any other items you may own that require insurance coverage.

Your Evansville Insurance Company

Kincaid Insurance offers both personal and commercial insurance solutions in the greater Evansville area. In fact, we’ve been working here for the past twenty years.

You’ll find that our independent insurance agents are knowledgeable and always happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at 1-877-888-5506 or stop by our office headquarters in Rockport, Indiana (just minutes from Evansville) to meet with an agent.

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