Insurance for Family Entertainment Centers in Indiana

Family entertainment centers provideFamily Entertainment Center Insurance Indiana hours of fun for kids and adults alike. Whether attending a birthday party or other event or simply enjoying an afternoon of games and activities with friends, everyone’s sure to find plenty of things to do.

Unfortunately, family entertainment centers also face significant potential risk. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your family entertainment center policy provides the proper amount of coverage for your business, equipment, employees, and most importantly, your guests. In this post, we’ll explore some of the coverage options you may want to consider for your family entertainment center.

Protect Your Guests

A small boy runs out of the ball pit and falls, breaking his arm. A little girl hits her head on the slide and gets a concussion. A leaking faucet in the bathroom creates a puddle, which causes a mother to fall and break her ankle. No matter how well you maintain your facility, accidents can happen. That’s why you need excellent general liability coverage. A general liability policy is essential for protecting your guests and your business in the event of an accident at your property.

Indoor rides and equipment can also break down, possibly causing injuries in the process. Depending on the type of equipment at your family entertainment center, you may want to consider purchasing equipment breakdown coverage.

Keep Your Property Safe

It’s important to ensure that your facility is well maintained. You’ll want to inspect all equipment as well as the premises on a regular basis. Keep your parking lot well lit and maintained–potholes, bumps, and other wear and tear could cause accidents.

In addition to maintaining your property, you’ll also want to review if your current insurance policy protects you from unforeseen natural disasters, vandalism, and theft (particularly employee theft). Commercial property insurance can also be helpful to protect your equipment, inventory, and other items essential to your business.

Employee Protection

Workers’ compensation coverage will help to cover medical costs (in addition to a portion of lost wages) should an employee become injured or ill while working at your family entertainment center. It’s important to train your employees in proper safety techniques, especially if they are working with equipment or in the kitchen, where accidents frequently occur. You may want to consider including basic first aid and CPR training in your new hire process.

Is any part of your business mobile? Maybe you offer amusement rentals, catering, or another service outside of your family entertainment center. If that’s the case, be sure to talk to your agent about finding the right commercial automobile policy for your business.

Protect Your Family Entertainment Center in Indiana

Your family entertainment center provides fun and laughs for everyone. Keep the laughter going by protecting your business with the proper coverage. The independent insurance agents at Kincaid Insurance are happy to help you find the coverage that best fits your business–and your budget. Talk to our agents about your risks and policy needs before receiving a no obligation free quote.

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