Insurance for Private Investigators

Private detectives and investigators private investigator insuranceassist businesses, attorneys, insurance companies, as well as the general public. There were about 30,000 private detectives and investigators in the United States as of 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The very nature of investigative work can be risky. If you’ve been in the business for any amount of time, you’ve probably encountered more than your fair share of angry people and dangerous situations. You’ve probably also provided peace of mind or reunited loved ones through your work. Detective work is challenging, no doubt, but it’s worth it.

Your business is to protect others and identify solutions to problems. But have you properly protected the very business that you’ve worked so hard to build?

Insurance for private investigators can be both affordable and comprehensive. Our team at Kincaid Insurance, just outside of Evansville, Indiana, is here to help you find coverage that meets your needs.

Protect Your Detective Business

Your work includes risks that many people rarely have to consider. Surveillance work could lead to vehicular damage. Property might get damaged during an investigation. You may also carry a firearm on the job, opening you to new levels of risk and liability.

As your knowledge in a case grows, the more risk you personally and professionally incur. The investigation business faces many challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Vehicular damage that occurs while doing surveillance work
  • Assault and battery
  • Property damage caused by a suspect
  • Claims of trespassing or suspicious activity
  • …and many others

Does your current business policy cover these risk areas? When was the last time you spoke with an agent about your risks and different coverage options?

Commercial Protection

As an investigator, you’ll want to ensure that your business is covered by a general business policy with an emphasis on the risks associated to your detective work. You may also want to consider umbrella policies to cover more specific aspects of your business. If your investigative work mostly takes place on the computer, inquire about ways to mitigate online risks. If you or your employees are frequently out on surveillance, you’ll also need a commercial auto insurance policy. Workers’ compensation is necessary if you have employees (in the state of Indiana – for other state policies, please consult your attorney or appropriate state agency).

Secure Sensitive Information

As a private eye, you’re privy to secure and confidential information. Professional liability insurance can protect you from libel and slander lawsuits. You’ll also want to consider cyber liability coverage, as well as errors and omissions liability. Just because you solve a case, doesn’t mean that customers will be happy with the outcome.

Coverage for Investigators

Kincaid Insurance, headquartered in Rockport, Indiana, offers business insurance policies that are tailored to your investigative business needs. Our independent insurance agents work with you to find coverage that protects your business without exceeding your budget. We routinely help private investigators in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Our customers are spread throughout the Tri-State area, including Evansville, Newburgh, Jasper, Henderson, Owensboro, Louisville, Mt. Vernon, and Vincennes.

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