Feeling Let Down by Your Agent?

Insurance can be one of those things that you only think about when you need it. But, when you do need it, having the right insurance policy—and agent—can make a big difference.

With so many insurance companies vying for your business, why would you ever choose a family-owned agency like Kincaid Insurance Group? Just ask a few of our customers, and you’ll probably hear a common theme: great customer service.

Great Service is Hard to Come by These Days

Technology has made so many aspects of our lives easier and more productive. Twenty years ago smartphones were primarily used by executives to check email and perform basic business tasks. Now most Americans own smartphones and use them regularly to communicate with friends and family, browse the Internet, and make online purchases.

Despite its major impact on society, technology will never replace the need for human relationships. At Kincaid Insurance Group, we embrace technology in a way that complements our focus on personalized support. We don’t hide behind 1-800 numbers with never-ending wait times. Instead, we make it easy for our customers to reach us—even outside of normal business hours. Here are a few examples:

  • 24-hour claim support: Call, text, or email us to start the claim process.
  • Mobile app: Access insurance information from your smartphone or tablet. You can even use the Kincaid Insurance Group mobile app to start a new claim.
  • Live chat: Visit our website to chat with a real person during normal business hours.
  • Text: Need to ask a quick question? Shoot us a text at: (812) 408-1130.
  • Local office: We serve customers across the Midwest, but we’re proud of our Southern Indiana roots. In the area? Stop by our office at 321 Main Street in Rockport.

Don’t Settle for Below Average Support

Tired of feeling like you’re chasing your insurance agent to get straight answers? At Kincaid Insurance Group, we tell you what you need to hear—even if it’s not what you want to hear.

Contact us to request more information. We respond to most inquiries within one business day.

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