Liability Insurance Indiana

You’re driving down the road, and you look personal liability insurancedown for a brief moment to change the radio station. When you look up, traffic has abruptly stopped ahead of you. You try to stop in time, but it’s too late. You smash into the car in front of you, injuring the driver and the passenger.

A few weeks later, you receive a packet in the mail, informing you that you’re being sued by both injured parties for nearly a million dollars. Your personal auto coverage only covers liability up to a certain point.

Think this couldn’t happen to you? Think again. Life is full of split-second decisions that impact our lives. Even the most careful people run into unavoidable situations like these.

Protect Your Assets with an Umbrella Liability Policy

Here’s the good news – umbrella liability insurance policies were designed to help you reduce financial risks associated with unforeseen accidents. Even better, umbrella policies are often the most affordable insurance products available.

Policies can also help you gain protection for liabilities not typically covered in standard liability insurance, such as:

  • Activities as an officer or director of a nonprofit
  • Liquor law liability
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Blanket contractual liability
  • Legal defense when coverage isn’t provided by basic liability coverage

The cost of not acting is often greater than the annual premium. Request a free quote today, and learn if an umbrella liability policy is right for you.

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