Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Non-trucking liability insurance nontrucking liabilityand bobtail liability insurance are often mentioned interchangably, but there can be subtle nuances that create confusion among truckers. Some carriers prefer for owner operators to have one type or the other, but either way, liability insurance is important for your trucking operation.

In this post, we’ll discuss the topic of non-trucking liability.

Non-trucking Liability Insurance & Bobtail Liability Insurance

Non-trucking liability insurance is specifically designed for coverage in the event of an accident that occurs while a truck driver is operating the truck for personal or non-business use, other than transporting goods or merchandise. This could include anything from using your truck to drive to the grocery store to attending your daughter’s soccer game. This type of coverage doesn’t apply if you are pulling a loaded trailer, driving for any revenue-generating purpose, or driving on behalf of a motor carrier.

Bobtail liability insurance generally offers wider coverage than other types of trucking liability insurance. This type of coverage applies when your truck is driven without the trailer, whether or not you are under dispatch. Bobtail liability insurance covers any damage that occurs to your truck when it is driven without the trailer.

Don’t Leave Home Without Liability Protection

As a truck owner operator, you already know to expect the unexpected. The miles can feel long and you might get tired sometimes, but ultimately you love the road because you never know quite what you’ll see next. Unfortunately, sometimes the unexpected isn’t as delightful as a hilarious bumper sticker. Bad weather conditions, erratic drivers, and other obstacles can cause an accident. Your truck didn’t come cheap, and neither do repairs. Having liability coverage protects your equipment and your operation in the event of an accident.

Managing Costs

Having a good driving record can help you save when it comes to non-trucking liability insurance or bobtail coverage. DOT violations, a record of accidents, and speeding tickets can all cause your coverage cost to rise.

At Kincaid Insurance, we offer flexible payment options to keep your insurance policy within your budget.

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