Keep Your Family “Kinected”

If someone asked you who is the most important Kinect Programperson in your life, you would likely say one or more members of your family.

Family healthcare is a major concern to most adults today. It is arguably one of the most important things to have in the case of emergency. Unfortunately, having great health insurance is not always that easy (or affordable).

Today, we’re excited to officially announce the Kinect Program from Kincaid Benefit Group. The Kinect Program is a supplemental health benefit program designed to give you, your family members, and employees or co-workers more options when it comes to healthcare.

Note: The program is currently open to individuals and business owners in Indiana and Kentucky, with more availability opening up soon. Contact us for more information or continue reading for additional information.

Healthcare in the United States

Healthcare in the United States has become extremely complicated over the past several years. Not only has it become complicated to understand, but it has become complicated to afford as well. In 2017, 28.5 million Americans had no health coverage. Some individuals have dropped coverage due to the high premium costs. Others have switched to health sharing ministries. In short, Americans need a better option when it comes to healthcare.

What is the Kinect Program?

Kincaid Benefit Group has formulated the Kinect Program to cover, at the very least, unlimited office visits to a partnered medical facility in this region. The program runs at one budget-friendly rate for members, and covers dependents under that same rate.

For businesses, this means employees have access to medical professionals for one fixed fee without spending money, out of pocket, toward their group insurance deductible. For individuals this offers office visits to members who cannot afford an expensive low-deductible health plan. The program offers monthly payments as well as quarterly, bi-annual, or annual payment options. Benefits may vary by medical facility, but all will include unlimited office visits to the member and his/her dependents.

Find Out if it’s Right for You

At a time when health insurance is so expensive, Kincaid Benefit Group is taking some of the weight off of clients’ shoulders. Kinect Program members can rest easy knowing they have an extra health benefit option should they need it.

Interested in learning more about the Kinect Program? Contact our team at the Kincaid Benefit Group to receive the full program summary along with pricing information.

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