Tanning Salon Insurance

If you own or operate a tanning salon, you know ttanning salon insurance evansvillehat this line of business has unique insurance needs. That’s exactly why you need to work with an agent who truly understands the industry and the risks your business faces.

From property insurance to professional liability, you need a policy that fits your business.

Let’s take a look at how to protect your tanning salon business from unnecessary risk, particularly in Indiana.

Tanning Salon Liability

Professional liability coverage is essential for your tanning salon. Chemical burns, damage to clients despite properly running equipment, poorly followed advice to clients – all of these things can lead to problems for your business.

Professional liability coverage includes the services you provide, in addition to the advice you provide to your customers. As the tanning salon industry continues to receive negative publicity, the importance of quality liability coverage cannot be understated. You need a liability policy that has your back.

Protecting Your Employees

Tanning salon owners should purchase worker’s compensation coverage in addition to general liability policies. Your employees face a number of potential risks on the job, from slip and fall incidents to chemical burns. A worker’s compensation policy will protect your business and your employees in the event of an accident on the premises. A general liability policy will protect your business and your clients.

Protect Your Property & Assets

Property insurance covers your business property and everything on the premises. Stop and think about all of the assets you have on your books to keep the doors open – tanning booths, chairs, stock, supplies are just a few. This type of coverage will protect your equipment in the event of a fire, flood, vandalism, or another disaster. It’s important to take inventory and discuss your business equipment with your insurance agent to ensure that you are not underinsured. You’ll want to have the proper amount of coverage for your tanning salon, so that you can recover the full amount in the event of a loss.

You may also want to consider a business owner’s policy, which combines multiple insurance coverages into one policy. You can add additional forms of coverage such as commercial vehicle coverage (if applicable for your business).

It’s important to work with an insurance agent, who can learn about every aspect of your business and decide if certain coverage options make sense. Never work with an agent who is pressuring you to sign on the dotted line.

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The independent insurance agents at Kincaid Insurance can help you discover the tanning salon coverage you need to protect your customers, your business, your employees, and your assets. We have helped tanning salons throughout Indiana, including those in Evansville, Newburgh, Jasper, Vincennes, and even some near Indianapolis. Contact Kincaid Insurance today at 1-877-888-5506.

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