3 Things Top Insurance Agents Have in Common

When you compare top insurance agents,top insurance agents you’ll find that the best of the best have a few things in common. They care about their clients and are focused on what matters most. They love what they do, because they get to help people each and every day. And, they may even know a few good jokes.

Here are three other things top insurance agents have in common.

1) They’re Not Tied To a Single Company

Independent insurance agents are able to shop for your needs because they are not connected to one particular company’s available policies. These agents work with you to assess your needs and then find policies that suit your budget. All of the shopping around work is done for you and you are presented with a professional comparison showing you quotes from a variety of insurance companies.

2) They’re Engaged in the Community

Top insurance agents know that a strong community is the key to happy and successful individuals. They make an effort to attend events, sponsor local sports teams, and say hello when they pass someone on the street. They make it their business to ensure that everyone feels welcome in the community.

Kincaid Insurance has been a part of the southern Indiana community for two decades now, having recently celebrated our 20th anniversary. We’re proud of our Hoosier heritage.

3) They’re Focused on Your 360-Degree Picture

Some insurance agents only focus on one thing, such as car insurance policies. That’s all well and good, but what if you have a classic car that needs special coverage? Does that agent consider your home insurance policy and what your garage situation is like? You could be losing money by working with an agent who only offers one type of policy, because many companies provide discounts when you purchase multiple coverages from them.

A top insurance agent is focused on your overall insurance needs. He or she will take the time to talk to you and get to know what you require in terms of coverage. After all, there’s a lot to consider: health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, business coverage, and more. A top agent will help you build a plan to reduce risk and protect the things that matter most to you and your family.

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