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Pilates and yoga are practiced throughoutyoga studio insurance indiana the United States. Both have shown an increase in popularity in the past decade. Both yoga and Pilates require studio space that is dedicated to the type of exercise. Although some gyms include spaces for practicing yoga and Pilates, independent studios often provide a more focused environment.

Stay Centered

The methods taught in your yoga or Pilates studio can be relaxing, but as a studio owner you face a number of potential risks, including:

  • Student injuries
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Flooding
  • Storm damage

A single disaster can devastate your yoga studio, but proper coverage can help you get back in business in no time.

Downward Dog Coverage

Downward dog is a yoga classic. No practice seems complete without it. That’s the way we look at liability insurance for your yoga studio.

Bodily injury liability provides coverage for your students and anyone else in the studio who doesn’t work for you. If an injury occurs at your studio and the studio is held responsible, bodily injury liability coverage will help cover medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Professional liability can cover your yoga instructors in case a student is injured due to an instructor’s directions during class. Participant liability provides coverage for off-site events such as outdoor yoga classes.

Another classic coverage is workers’ compensation. This insurance protects your business and your employees. If an employee is injured on the job, workers’ compensation can help cover associated medical expenses and lost wages.

Studio Protection

It’s important to provide coverage for your students and employees, but protecting your studio’s physical space is also necessary. From storm damage to theft to fire, your yoga studio faces any number of unexpected risks. Property insurance helps protect your building and equipment. It can help you rebuild quickly after a disaster, keeping your practice in place.

Get Yoga Studio Insurance

We know that flexibility is important to you. That’s why the independent insurance agents at Kincaid Insurance are trained to help you find the best coverage for your yoga or Pilates studio. Our agents will work with you to determine your studio’s risks and insurance coverage needs. Then you’ll receive a free quote, no obligation.

You’ll find Kincaid Insurance’s headquarters in Rockport, Indiana. However, our independent insurance agents work with fitness professionals throughout the Tri-State area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, including: Evansville, Owensboro, Vincennes, Newburgh, Louisville, and Mt. Vernon.

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