Keep Your Boat Afloat By Avoiding Risks

Boat Insurance Company In Indiana

Recently purchased a new boat? Whether its brand new or been out on the river a time or two, there are many risks that face boat owners. Storms, collisions, vandalism, mechanical breakdowns, and fires are just a few of the things outside of your control. Does your current policy cover all of these variables? Those of us who live in the Midwest have a strong boating tradition. For many years, the Thunder on the Ohio was an Evansville tradition that annually gained our region national coverage. Although you may not be a professional boat race driver, you should take the security of your watercraft seriously. Kincaid has been insuring boats since it went into business in the mid 1990s.

What Is Boat Liability Insurance?

Boat liability insurance is somewhat similar to a liability policy on your vehicle. Typically, boating insurance will cover the legal liability of an accident caused by your boat. With the many variables that you come across while on the open water, this is vital to reduce your out of pocket exposure to damages. In addition to boat liability, you may also want to consider policies that provide medical payments, repair coverage, tow services, and emergency support costs. Kincaid Insurance will listen to you, learn more about your boat, and shop for a policy that meets your needs. We specialize in finding the best policy for your particular budget. Get peace of mind from your policy so you can enjoy the open water.

Boating Insurance Quotes

Call Kincaid today for your free, no obligation price quote. Whether you are looking for a basic policy on a fishing boat or a more comprehensive plan on a ski boat, we can help you. Get started today by calling a Kincaid agent: 877-888-5506. Feel free to contact us now by filling out our online form.