Introducing Richland Kinect

For only $50 per month, get unlimited office visits and Tier 1 prescriptions from any Richland Medical Center (RMC) in Southwest Indiana.

Unlimited Medical Visits

Members of the Richland Kinect program enjoy unlimited medical office visits for all minor ailments and procedures. Come as many times as you want!

Tier 1 Prescriptions Included

Most Tier 1 prescriptions prescribed and dispensed by RMC are included as part of the membership fee, including antibiotics, anti-depressants, cholesterol medication, and more.

No Copays or Deductibles

When we say $50 per month, we mean it. There are no visit fees, deductibles, or copays. Just pay your $50 monthly fee, and we take care of the rest.

$50 Per Month

Stop and think about how much you’ve paid over the past year in copays and deductibles. Richland Kinect helps you reduce your medical expenses with a flat monthly membership fee.

Dependents Included!

Dependents of members enjoy the same benefits as the members themselves. No additional fees or membership dues. $50 flat rate per member household.

4 Convenient Locations

Richland Kinect has recently expanded to cover four locations: Rockport, Richland, Boonville, and Clarksville, Indiana. More locations coming soon!

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About the Program

Richland Medical Center (RMC) and Kincaid Benefit Group are proud to announce an exclusive partnership program. Members of the program enjoy unlimited medical visits for all minor office procedures, such as illnesses, infections, minor burns and lacerations, and other common health issues. Membership is $50 per month, which includes coverage for the member, spouse, and dependent children. There are no extra fees for adding dependents. In addition to enjoying unlimited office visits, members also enjoy free Tier 1 prescriptions prescribed and dispensed by RMC. The list of Tier 1 medications is extensive and can be viewed here. Examples include antibiotics, anti-depressants, cholesterol and hypertension medication, steroid packs, GERD treatment, and much more.

How Does it Work?

The program is both affordable and simple. Members pay a flat rate of $50 per month, which includes coverage for the member, the member’s spouse, and dependent children.

When a member or dependent requires services, he or she visits one of the four Richland Medical Center locations in Indiana (Rockport, Boonville, Clarksville, and Richland). RMC will provide services at no additional cost. There are no copays, deductibles, or coinsurance to worry about. In addition, most Tier 1 medications are covered for members.

Business Owners

Is your company’s healthcare plan on life support? The Richland Kinect program can be a great option for business owners like you. For only $50 per member per month, you can give your employees access to excellent healthcare services for most minor treatments and procedures. In addition, they will be able to reduce out-of-pocket prescription costs, thanks to our Tier 1 prescription drug benefit. Contact our team today to learn about reducing your company’s insurance costs while giving your team the coverage they deserve.


Are you tired of the rising deductibles, premiums, and out-of-pocket maximums for your family’s health insurance plan? Do you think twice about going to the doctor just to avoid paying your copay? If you answered “yes,” perhaps it’s time to consider the innovative Richland Kinect program. For only $50 per month, you can give your family unlimited access to four great medical locations and enjoy unlimited medical office visits. Tier 1 prescriptions are also included as part of your monthly membership fee. Chat with us to get signed up for the program.

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