Bobtail Owner Operator

You have to make a lot of decisionsBobtail Owner Operator each day as an owner operator. Should you take that new load? Does your truck need to go in for maintenance? What’s the best route to take to avoid getting stuck in traffic?

There are lots of things like this to consider for your trucking business on a regular basis, but there are other choices that need to be made less frequently. For example, making the decision to have bobtail owner operator coverage might be something you do annually, but it can have a major impact on your business.

Here’s why.

Manage Your Risk

As an owner operator, your truck may only be insured when you’re under dispatch for another company. If you need to drive in order to pick up your next load, you probably don’t have coverage during that time without bobtail insurance. You can think of this as similar to a gap coverage for any incidents that may occur when you’re not under dispatch.

Damages from an accident can ruin a small trucking operation, especially in today’s lawsuit-focused society. Having bobtail owner operator coverage can help you protect your business while you’re between loads.

Stay Independent

Covering your assets with bobtail owner operator insurance not only reduces risk; in some cases, it might actually make your service more attractive to potential clients. In many cases, companies will require that you have this coverage to qualify for certain contracts. Lenders often require this coverage for certain types of business loans.

In other words, having bobtail owner operator coverage may actually help you grow your business and, in turn, maintain your independence.

The Kincaid Difference

Here at Kincaid Insurance, one of our specialties is writing policies for owner operators like you. In fact, we’ve been writing trucking insurance policies for over two decades. We write truck policies in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee.

With flexible payment options for bobtail owner operator coverage, there’s a plan to fit every budget. We also provide a dedicated contact in the office for owner operators. If you ever need a certificate of liability insurance, we can help.

Indiana Bobtail Owner Operator Coverage

Having the right type of coverage can mean the difference between keeping your business running smoothly and struggling to pay the bills. Located in Rockport, Indiana, Kincaid Insurance provides insurance for truckers throughout the Tri-State. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote for bobtail owner operator coverage.

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