6 Questions to Consider When Evaluating Agents for Insurance

Finding the right agent isn’t always easy. evaluating agents insuranceThat’s especially true if you’re not sure what exactly you should be looking for in an agent.

In this post, we’ll outline the six questions you should ask yourself when evaluating agents for insurance.

1) Does the Agent Understand My Needs?

It’s essential to find an agent who truly understands your insurance needs. Your insurance agent should be someone you can rely on to advocate for you. What happens if your roof gets damaged after a severe storm? What if someone hits your parked car and takes off? Will your insurance cover these and other unexpected disasters? Does your agent understand what you need to protect?

2) Did the Agent Ask Enough Questions?

A good insurance agent will want to evaluate you as much as you want to evaluate them. When you met with the agent, did he or she ask questions about your home, business, vehicles, and other property? Do you feel as though the agent has an understanding of what you need coverage for?

3) Is the Agent Willing to Provide Referrals?

It’s a red flag if you ask an insurance agent for a list of referrals and the agent hesitates or doesn’t provide you with a list of happy customers you can contact. A good insurance agent will have references who are happy to provide honest feedback about their experiences.

4) Does the Agent Have Any Certifications?

What type of training has the agent completed? Does the insurance agency offer ongoing education? Has the agent gone above and beyond to acquire certifications in areas that are relevant to customers? An agent who is willing to put in the work to stay relevant and up to date with the insurance industry will be able to put that knowledge to work on your behalf.

5) What Have Other Customers Said About This Agent Online?

Check online reviews and other sources for information about the insurance agent you are considering. Do people seem to have had mostly positive experiences with this person? Are you reading a significant number of negative reviews?

6) How Long Is It Going to Take to Get My Quote?

Most insurance agents should be able to provide you with a quote within a few business days. Special circumstances may involve more research, but generally you should expect to hear back from the insurance agent within three work days. If it takes longer than that to get a quote, how long is it going to take to get answers once you’re a client?

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