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Food trucks are becoming increasingly food truck insurance indianapopular in Indiana. From lunch on the go to late night snacking, food trucks provide a fun and quick alternative to traditional restaurants or fast food.

And, who could forget, Evansville’s own West Side Nutclub Fall Festival? Heralded as the nation’s 2nd largest street festival (after Mardi Gras), hundreds of food vendors congregate in Southwest Indiana each year.

On a broader scale, there are currently more than 4,000 food trucks in the United States, and the food truck business is poised for continued growth. Food trucks have become so well loved that some cities such as Evansville, Indianapolis, and Louisville now host food truck festivals to bring all of your favorites to the same location on the same day.

Food Trucks for Every Taste

The phrase “food truck” can have many different meanings. In Indiana, specifically, the most common types of food trucks include:

  • Ice cream trucks
  • Short-order trucks
  • Food booths (such as those used at the Fall Festival in Evansville)
  • Snack vendors
  • Taco stands
  • Hotdog carts
  • ..and the list goes on

Fun, Festivals, and…Liability?

Food trucks face a number of risks related to the mobile nature of the restaurants, as well as the crowds that frequently surround them. Some of those risks include:

  • Equipment failure
  • Vehicle damage
  • Food sickness
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Unruly customers
  • Food spoilage

Because of the risks you face as a food truck owner, it’s important to have a general liability policy that protects your business. Talk to your independent insurance agent about coverage for food-related claims, including food spoilage, food sickness, and equipment failure.

Depending on where you operate your food truck, you could be held responsible for a slip and fall incident that takes place near the vehicle. If a patron slips and falls over a cord outside of your truck, who is responsible in the event of a lawsuit? You? The venue?

Talk to event coordinators about responsibilities when attending a festival or event on public property. You’ll also want to ensure that your general liability policy covers these types of accidents – just in case.

Food Truck Coverage

Since your business is in a truck, you really need a strong commercial automotive insurance policy. A vehicular accident could impact your food truck business for months, as necessary repairs are made. Your policy should include collision and comprehensive coverage. This will protect your food truck if it is vandalized, stolen, in an accident, or catches on fire.

However, your food truck includes a number of modifications that are not covered in a typical auto insurance policy, so you’ll also want to include property coverage in your food truck insurance policy. This will protect your equipment, any vehicle modifications, equipment breakdown, and business income if you are unable to run your food truck due to equipment problems.

Consider Employees

Even if your employees work sporadically or very part time when you need extra help for an event, you’ll want to have workers’ compensation insurance included in your food truck policy. This will protect your business and your employees.

For example, if an employee is badly burned due to a fryer fire and requires medical attention, workers’ compensation will help cover the medical expenses.

Talk to a Food Truck Insurance Expert

As a food truck owner, you have unique insurance needs for your business. The independent insurance agents at Kincaid Insurance can help you find the policy that best fits your food truck as well as your budget, so you can rest assured that your business is protected.

Kincaid Insurance is based in Rockport, Indiana. We work with business owners throughout the Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky Tri-State area, including: Newburgh, Jasper, Owensboro, Mt. Vernon, Louisville, and Evansville.

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