4 Insurance Agent Stereotypes

You might have a certain image inInsurance Stereotypes mind when you picture an insurance agent. After all, there are some commonly held ideas about what to expect when working with an agent.

In this post, we’ll take a look at four of the most common insurance agent stereotypes and share our perspective.

1.) Agents Push an Agenda

Working with an independent insurance agent is special. You talk to us about your insurance needs, we do extensive research on your behalf, we present you with options, you make an informed decision. That’s it. We aren’t rooting for you to choose a particular policy; we want to help you find the option that is truly right for you. We’re here to offer you objective information. Our experienced agents are always happy to offer advice if you have questions or concerns, but they will not push an agenda.

2.) Agents Only Help Businesses

Some people mistakenly think that insurance agents only help businesses. Here at Kincaid Insurance, we can help you find renter’s insurance, homeowners insurance, car insurance, boat insurance, or any other type of policy you may need to protect your personal assets. We have hundreds of home and auto clients throughout the tri-state. If you do own a business, you may be happy to find that we offer both personal and commercial policies. You can keep things simple by working with a single company for all of your insurance needs.

3.) Agents are Always a One-Person Shop

When you hear that we are an independent insurance agency, you might picture one person sitting behind a desk taking calls all day. In reality, we have a highly experienced team of agents and support staff. You’re always welcome to stop by our office (on Main Street in Rockport, Indiana) to meet our entire team.

4.) Agents Only Serve a Limited Geographic Area

While we focus on the tri-state of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, we actually have clients who are located throughout the country. We are not limited to only offering insurance in the tri-state. Our independent agents can help you find insurance solutions throughout the United States.

See for Yourself

Our team of independent insurance agents is probably very different than you imagined before reading this post. However, we do fit a few insurance agent stereotypes: some of us wear glasses and we probably drink too much coffee. (But we did ditch the pocket protectors!) Want proof? Get to know us! Give us a call toll free at 1-877-888-5506.

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