3 Tips for Streamlined Insurance Claims

You hope you’ll never have to use your Claim Tipshomeowners or car insurance policy. But you never know when the unexpected will happen.

Knowing what and when to report after an incident is the best way to be prepared.

In this article, we’ll share 3 tips for ensuring things go smoothly when disaster strikes.

Contact Your Claims Manager ASAP

Once the dust settles (sometimes literally), you’ll want to reach out to your claims manager. Be sure to do this sooner rather than later to make sure everything is taken care of as quickly as possible. (By the way, Kincaid Insurance offers 24-hour claim service thanks to our spectacular claims manager, Roxy.) Be specific about the incident. Take detailed notes and send photos if you have any.

Be Your Own Best Advocate

If you’re working with a team like Kincaid, you’re in good hands. But there’s no replacement for being your own best advocate. This isn’t the time to be shy! Don’t be afraid to ask for an update on your claim. If you have questions, don’t stop asking or searching until you get answers. Make sure that you thoroughly understand your insurance policy so that you can use that information when working to get the issue resolved.

Keep Good Records

Keep all correspondence between you, your agency, and the insurance company in a safe place. Include any notes, photos, or other evidence in that location as well. Be sure to make copies or back up the files to be safe. When you are reimbursed by your insurance company for your losses, double-check to make sure that it’s for the right amount. If the amount is incorrect, contact your claims agent or the company.

Streamline Insurance Claims with Kincaid

Hopefully you never have a reason to file an insurance claim, but it’s always good to know that you have backup just in case. If you do find yourself needing to file a claim, the experienced team at Kincaid Insurance can help you every step of the way.

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