Insurance Evansville IN

Covering the Insurance Needs of Evansville

Evansville Indiana was founded in 1812 by Hugh McGary Jr. He purchased 441 acres for $2.00 an acre and eventually named it after Col. Robert M Evans. Its location on the Ohio River made it an attractive spot for people to stop at, and so it grew to be hub for manufacturing and industry.

Coal mines and lumber, two abundant natural resources fueled the beginning of the industrialization of Evansville. As time marched on, Evansville expanded into ship building, furniture, and plastics. The founders of Evansville built a life here for themselves, their families, and their employees.

With all of these industries, small businesses were created to serve the needs of the larger businesses. Machine shops, pest control companies, trucking companies, department stores, restaurants, and many other businesses have flourished as the community grew.

Kincaid Insurance has the coverage you need to protect what you have built for yourself and your family. From personal to professional liability insurance to workers compensation, we can help you find your peace of mind. Call us to see what we can do to protect your investments – family, home, auto, or business – we can help.

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