Protect Your Indiana Trucking Business

If you work in the trucking industry as a fleet manager Indiana Fleet Insuranceor an owner operator, it’s important to protect your business from the unexpected with a comprehensive commercial trucking policy. Without proper coverage, a single incident could bankrupt a company.

In this post, we’ll explore why semi truck insurance in Indiana (or any other state for that matter) is so important.

Semi Truck Insurance in Indiana

There are more than three million truck drivers in the United States, the majority of those drivers being owner operators.

Hoosier semi truck owner operators and fleet managers face similar risks in their businesses every single day. While owner operators both own and operate their own trucking business, fleet managers often work with larger transportation companies to ensure that trucks are running as needed. Although their day-to-day work differs, both owner operators and fleet managers have similar needs for semi truck insurance in Indiana.

The Coverage You Need in Indiana

Liability: Truck liability coverage will cover any damage done by one of your trucks. This could include anything from delivery dock damage when unloading a shipment, medical bills for injured parties, or repairs to a vehicle damaged in an accident.

Truck Cargo: Cargo coverage covers the items carried in the truck for damages en route. It also protects the goods in the event of a robbery.

Physical Damage: While your truck may feel indestructible at times, it is not impervious to damage, and unfortunately, that damage often means high repair costs. Your Indiana semi truck insurance should include physical damage coverage to protect your business in the event of damage to the truck that is out of your control, such as hail or getting backed into.

Bobtail Insurance/Non-Trucking Liability: This additional coverage tends to be very reasonably priced and protects your truck when it is not in use for delivery or not pulling a trailer.

Medical Insurance and Workers’ Compensation: Protect both your company and your employees in the event of an accident or illness with this coverage. For fleet managers, this can be a strong draw for potential new drivers.

Other Coverages to Consider

Here are some additional coverage options to consider for your Indiana semi truck:

  • Breakdown Coverage
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Personal Property
  • Supplemental Towing and Clean-Up
  • Gap Coverage
  • Limited Depreciation Coverage

Semi truck insurance you can rely on is a must for your business, whether you manage a fleet or function as an owner operator. Protect your trucking business from unforeseen risk with the Indiana semi truck insurance coverage you need.

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