Steps for Comparing Top Independent Insurance Agencies

Financial experts advise consumers to top independent insurance agenciesreevaluate their insurance policies each year by comparing rates from similar companies. But comparing prices, policies, and options can quickly become daunting.

The cheapest option may not provide the best quality service or the coverage that you need to protect your assets. It’s important to carefully evaluate policies based on a number of factors before making a decision. A top independent insurance agent can help you narrow down the best options for you. In this post, we’ll outline best practices for selecting a top independent insurance agency for your insurance needs.

Gather Your List of Companies

Begin your search by talking to people that you trust. Neighbors, friends, colleagues, and fellow members of organizations that you belong to can offer a treasure trove of information. Trusted professionals such as attorneys and bankers can also be great resources, especially if they work with insurance agencies in a professional capacity.

While it’s always helpful to get insight and opinions from people you know and trust, you can expand your search by taking it online. Check out online reviews and customer satisfaction ratings for the insurance agencies that were recommended to you.

Build Your Shortlist

After you’ve completed your initial research, compile a list of the top independent insurance agencies you want to evaluate for your insurance needs. Check with the state insurance regulator to verify the license for each company. In the state of Indiana, click here to review an agent’s licensing information.

Request Information

This is your chance to evaluate the type of service you can expect if you become a customer. Contact the top independent insurance agencies you’re considering and request information or a quote. Be honest about your circumstances; be sure to report speeding tickets and other factors that could affect your policy before requesting a quote.

Is there an option to save by combining policies? Are you comparing the same amount of coverage, liability, etc. at each company you’ve requested information from?

Make Your Decision

Good agents want to build relationships. They’ll provide outstanding customer service and help you evaluate the policy options they offer. Once you’ve done your homework and met your potential agents, you have the tools you need to determine which agency is the best fit for you.

Choose a Top Independent Insurance Agency

Independent insurance agents help you get a better price. A top independent insurance agency will do all of the shopping around for you and present you with several solutions.

Here at Kincaid Insurance, our independent agents are always happy to answer your insurance questions, help you evaluate your needs, and provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

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