Trucking Insurance Companies in Indiana

There are so many trucking insurancetrucking insurance company indiana companies in Indiana. From independent owner-operators to regional long-haul fleets, our state is definitely a trucking state. These trucking businesses all require a variety of insurance solutions, which is why the number of agents can be somewhat overwhelming.

What makes Kincaid Insurance a smart choice for your business?

In this article, we’ll discuss a few reasons why our company might be a helpful resource for your trucking operation.

We Serve Truckers of All Types

Are you an independent trucker? Do you own a fleet? Maybe you’re in it for the long-haul or simply making short-haul trips in a single area. No matter what type of truck you drive or size of company you own, Kincaid Insurance has got you covered. We offer comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage for trucking operations of all sizes, from family farms to long-haul fleets. Nothing is too specialized or tough for us to write.

We Offer Business & Personal Policy Options

If you own a trucking business, chances are good that you also own a home and at least one vehicle. Not only that, you probably need life and health insurance policies. Here at Kincaid Insurance, we offer both business and personal policy options. As independent insurance agents, we can shop a number of providers on your behalf and provide you with a variety of coverage options.

We can help you simplify your life by bundling policies (purchasing home and auto coverage together is one popular example) or simply by showing you a number of choices. By working with an independent insurance agent, you get the best options for your insurance needs and your budget. Even better, you’re in full control of the decision-making process. (Of course, we’re always happy to answer any questions and offer recommendations if you’d like.) When you work with Kincaid, you’re not tied to working with a single company and neither are we!

Find Indiana Trucking Insurance

Need trucking insurance for your Indiana company? Kincaid Insurance is a smart option. After all, we have experience working with a variety of trucking operations, so we know the industry. We make it our business to stay informed about the trucking world, so we understand the types of coverage you need to protect your business.

We’ve been providing insurance solutions throughout the state of Indiana as well as Illinois and Kentucky for the past twenty years. Our office is headquartered in Rockport, Indiana. Feel free to drop by our office or give us a call toll free at 1-877-888-5506 to learn more about our trucking insurance options.

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