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Find Coverage By Your Industry

Risk can vary greatly, based on the industry your company serves. The needs of a commercial trucking operation are significantly different from those of a daycare. The needs of a daycare are significantly different from those of a tree trimming business. Therefore, it is important that your business finds a commercial policy that addresses your specific needs.Our reputation at Kincaid Insurance has been built on delivering customized coverage for niche market business models. At Kincaid, we realize that your company does not always operate in clearly defined segments. As your business evolves, so too does its insurance needs. Kincaid is your strategic insurance partner – we stand ready to grow and change as you do.

Different Types of Insurance; Different Types of Industries

Over the years, we have written policies for companies of every shape and size. In our experience, it seems that businesses serving the following industries are especially good fits for our capabilities. Remember that this is not a complete list. We can also write policies based on specific coverage type too.

Tell Us About Your Business

Need to talk to a specialist? Our team is ready to take your call and learn more about your company. We can provide you a no-obligation price quote on a policy that is right for your needs. Simply dial 877-888-5506 or request a call by filling out form. A representative will contact you at a time that best fits your schedule.