Protect the Ones You Love

Life Insurance Coverage

When you’ve worked so hard to build relationships and assets to get you where you are in life, it’s never fun to think about the unknown. You take good care of yourself so that you can nurture those relationships and assets  If, suddenly, you were unable to care for them, would they be protected? Having a solid life insurance policy in place is a responsible part of caring for those you love.

The landscape of insurance has changed so rapidly in recent years, you may not know which road to take. Rest assured that Kincaid Insurance, a trusted local name for over 20 years, can put you on a roadmap to security and peace of mind. Types of Life Insurance: In the event that your income was not there, would you have mortgage insurance? Would your family know where to turn? Kincaid can help you consider these options:

Life Insurance Categories:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Final Expense Insurance

Business Life Insurance:

  • Buy-sell Agreement using life insurance
  • Retirement savings with annuities

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