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Aquatic Insurance

There is something indescribable about being out on the water. The wind in your hair and the open water ahead gives you a sense of freedom rarely experienced in day-to-day life. Whether you own a bow rider or small fishing boat, protecting your investment from potential damage should be taken seriously.

Some of our clients are watercraft aficionados, taking their boat all over the country. Others prefer to go out on the water occasionally. Boating down the Ohio River, water skiing, or extravagant fishing trips are all things our clients use their watercraft for. The team at Kincaid Insurance can help you assess your risk and find an aquatic insurance policy that fits your family’s budget. In general, our policies typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • Boating insurance
  • Personal watercraft insurance

Tell Me More About Policy Options

Typically, our clients are interested in aquatic policies that would protect their watercraft from liability and damages. Deductibles, coverage amount, and premiums can vary significantly based on the value of your property and your preferences. Call us today to review the following considerations (877-888-5506):

  • What are the possible risks associated with my watercraft?
    • Things to consider: accidents, vandalism, sinking, crash
  • How much is my boat currently worth?
  • What is a deductible that I can afford?
  • Is there additional equipment I should get insured (fishing equipment, trailers, etc)?
  • What about damages incurred to others’ property

Get A Quote From Kincaid Insurance

Requesting a quote from Kincaid Insurance is simple. Just visit our online form and tell us a little more about your needs. Within 24 hours, a friendly team member will call you back and discuss your options. You can also call us directly during normal business hours at 877-888-5506. For boat and watercraft owners in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, there is no better option than Kincaid Insurance.