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Car Insurance Policies From Kincaid

Your car takes you everywhere where you need to go. For many people, it can also serve as a status symbol and luxury item.

For some, an automobile can be the next largest investment they will ever make after purchasing a home. Regardless of your situation, protecting your vehicle, family, and property of others via proper insurance coverage is important.

Kincaid Insurance offers a wide variety of auto policies. Whether you drive a foreign import, a large SUV, or used compact car, the team at Kincaid can shop for the policy that best fits your needs. We are not tied to a single provider. This allows us to look at all the policies available and identify a solution that works for you. We have experience writing policies for:

Minimum Coverage or Full Coverage?

As you may know, Indiana (and most other states) require drivers to carry a minimum level of car insurance. This minimum coverage typically only pays for damages incurred by other people. However, you should also consider your own potential out of pocket expenses incurred by an accident. To make this decision, you should consider the following questions:

  • What is the market value of my vehicle(s)?
  • If my vehicle was completely totaled, how much money would it take to replace my car?
  • Could I afford to pay out of pocket for such expenses?
  • What about personal injury expenses I may incur from an accident?
  • What car insurance rates can my budget support?

Indiana Car Insurance Quotes

Looking for a better price on your car insurance premiums? If so, the team at Kincaid is ready to help you. We will shop the best coverage and prices available and pair you with a better solution. Get started today by filling out our online form or calling our customer support team. The call is free and may save you hundreds of dollars on your car insurance. Call us today at 877-888-5506. If you live in the Evansville Tri-State area, you can also call us at 812-649-5739.