Private Passenger Insurance

Auto Insurance

If you operate a four-wheeled motor vehicle, you need to be carrying some form of auto insurance to meet your state’s requirements. At a minimum, you are typically required to carry a policy that would cover damages you inflict on others and their property. However, most Americans also consider a full coverage policy that will protect their own assets and financial security.

When was the last time you considered getting a better price on your coverage? Chances are you may be overpaying for your current policy. Many people forget that insurance is a product that should be priced out periodically. For many households, private passenger auto insurance represents one of the more sizable reoccurring expenses. Take control of your insurance expenditures by working with the team from Kincaid.

Private Passenger vs. Commercial Auto

Many small business owners are faced with a situation where they use their vehicle for both personal and commercial use. Did you realize that you may not be covered for ‘commercial’ claims in the event of an accident? You should speak with our team at Kincaid to look at all of your risks and discuss these types of questions.
  • How often is the vehicle being used for commercial use?
  • Is the vehicle owned by your company (ie in your company’s name)?
  • Is the vehicle ever driven by your employees?
  • Do you ever use the vehicle to transport heavy equipment for your business?
  • What is the nature of your business? (construction, sales, work from home, etc)

Whether you use your vehicle for commercial or personal use (or some combination of both), we can help you evaluate the situation and make the right decision. Kincaid Insurance believes in teaching our customers about insurance to help make highly informed decisions.

Call For Info About Auto Insurance Coverage

Ready to talk to a live agent about your specific situation? Looking to save some money on your current private passenger or commercial policy? Simply dial 877-888-5506 and we will walk with you as you evaluate your options. You may also request a call by filling out our online form. We are excited to learn more about your car insurance needs.