Renters Insurance

Yes, You Need Renters Insurance

Renters InsuranceYour landlord is responsible for insuring the property you rent from them. In the instances of fire, flood, or other disaster, the landlord’s policy would cover damage to the building you live in.

However, many renters don’t know that they are responsible for insuring the property within their home or apartment. Property such as furniture, electronics, valuables, collectibles, and other items need to have a renters policy for proper protection.

5 Reasons Why You Need Renters Insurance:

A renters insurance policy can cover a wide variety of items that are destroyed or damaged. But if you don’t have the proper coverage in place, you may be carrying uncessecary risk. For example, what would you do if the following situations happened to you?

  1. Burglary or Theft – Someone steals your laptop out of your apartment.
  2. Vandalism – A rock is thrown through your window.
  3. Fire and/or Smoke – Your stove catches fire and causes smoke damage.
  4. Storm Damage – Your window is open, and a big storm rolls into town while you’re away.
  5. Water Damage – The toilet floods, damaging the carpet and subfloor.

What Can be Covered with Renters Insurance?

Personal Property

Renters insurance can help you protect your personal belongings. This may include furniture, appliances, clothing, household items, jewelry, musical equipment, electronics, and other valuables in accordance with your policy and state’s laws. In addition, renters can also take out extended coverage that offers higher limits to cover especially valuable items. For example, many people take out extra coverage on diamond engagement rings.

Personal Liability & Medical Coverage

The unexpected is never far off. What happens if someone visits your apartment or rental home and gets injured on your property? This situation is why renters insurance is so important. Renters insurance can help pay for legal expenses, medical bills, and other damages.

Loss of Use & Living Expenses

Where would you temporarily live after a disaster, such as a fire? Many people forget to consider this important question. With renters insurance, you can often get help to pay for additional living expenses, resulting from being unable to live in your apartment or home.

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